Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wings3D basic spacecraft modelling

After trying to use Blender each time I've wanted to model anything in 3D and pretty much closing the application after 5 minutes as it just makes me stressed I was quite happy when I heard about Wings3D. A free, no bullshit, simple to use, 3D modeller that lets you model 3D models.

I decided to try it out with modelling a simple (can't really stress how simple here...) spacecraft with it.

I played around with the tool for maybe 10 minutes before starting to record, i.e. I figured out how to do this and then recorded it.

All commands are on the context menu that is accessed by right-clicking anywhere.
There are 4 modes of selection: Vertex, Edge, Plane or Object.
In this example I will sculpt half of a spaceship from a cube and then duplicate and flip it so that it becomes a whole ship.

Hope this helps someone out there!

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